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OCTOBER - 17 - 2017 -- permalink

A few changes!

The Polakię Patreon campaign has been broadened and expanded to include all the things I create under the umbrella of Cream City Media. I'm nervous and excited. At the end of 2016 my wife and I got hit hard in our wallets due to circumstances beyond our control. I needed to set aside my dreams and aspirations and get a "real job."

I'm extremely lucky that I was able to find such a job in retail very quickly. I worked there for just over a year. It was extremely difficult to not see my wife very often as our hours became more and more conflicting. We saw each other in the morning for a few hours, then at night for a few more. We began to get fewer and fewer weekends together—such is the schedule of retail.

I want to stress that the job was fine. The people with whom I worked were all kind, generous, genuine people who are very good at what they do, which is essentially helping people. The repetition, hours and nature of the work began to wear on me. I stopped dreaming. I stopped getting creative brainstorms. I stopped getting up early to create. I just stopped.

In a stroke of luck and good fortune, my old boss and dear friend sent me a freelance gig that crossed his desk. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I jumped at the chance and poured myself into the work, earning the gig and a healthy secondary income.

It was a lifeline.

That project is drawing to a close, and my wife and I had an emotional talk about our future. We knew we couldn't continue the way we were. We needed to see more of each other. We were both wilting.

So I quit my retail job and we have decided to live off the freelance money while I work my butt off to earn a living doing what I truly love to do: creating!

I failed miserably at this the first time around. I am not nearly as good at self promotion as I need to be. If I have any hope of achieving some level of stability in this life, I need to break my back to make it work. This is my new goal.

I will draw more, code more, write more, video more, express myself more and promote myself more than I ever have.

There is no other option :)


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MARCH - 13 - 2014

Our own Evan Maruszewski has taken on a role as art director for the upcoming interactive, multimedia, multiplatform, RPG extravaganza that is HEROES MUST DIE!

heroesmustdie logo

So I hear you asking: "What is Heroes Must Die?"

I'm glad you asked! It's the very first game of its kind in the whole history of video games, that's all. The game is totally unique in that the gaming experience informs a live theatrical production. Let that settle into your mind for a bit and I'll spell it out for you...

You play the game on your tablet or mobile device. You meet interesting characters in interesting environments and dramatic situations filled to bursting with action and adventure.

That's fun, yeah?

But THEN you go to see a performance of the Heroes Must Die theatrical production and the choices you've made in the game actually effect the outcome of the play!!!

That's right. The story arc you choose in the game can actually alter the story that you see unfold on the stage in front of your eyes! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?

More updates on this project as it unfolds. Needless to say, we're stoked to be a part of it.

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