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  Polakię Games  

Polakię Games is a small (read very small) company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By small I mean Polakię Games is me, Evan Maruszewski. I'm it.

I'm a big fan of video games, interactive media of all kinds and their ability to reach, teach, entertain and effect people from every walk of life.

I'm also a big fan of the Midwest and of Milwaukee in particular.

The city has its issues, as all metropolitan environments do, but I think that it can improve with the help and conscious attention of ethical small businesses.

It's one of the reasons I'll never leave. There may be a larger community and greater opportunities elsewhere, but I can't hope to effect change where it's needed if I skip town.

  What Do I Do?  

I make games! Okay, that's obvious. What I also do is try to act as a positive influence on the video game community in general.

It's no secret that the culture of video games and the people that play them have been in the news for the past few years, and not necessarily for awesome reasons.

So, what do I intend to do about it? I'm a tiny (teensie) little video game maker, what kind of power do I have?

Well, none.

However, I do have power over what kind of content I create and distribute.

To that end, I have a few basic rules I'm always going to follow in the games I make...

• Every game I make will be free. Forever. Period.

• I will never, ever use in-app purchases, pay-to-win market places or any other skeezy business ploy intended to treat customers and fans like thieves or chumps. I'm just gonna go ahead and trust my players, and treat them like the competent people they are.

• I will do my best to never rely on the crutch of the cosmogonic cycle or any such popular malarky. There are more stories out there than the hero's journey and there is more to gameplay than killing everything that moves. I want to explore all those possibilities.

• Where applicable (I prefer non-human characters) I'll present diverse characters of every kind. That includes but is not limited to ethnicity, bodily appearance and physical ability.

• I will do my best to represent every gender in my games, striving to ensure that my characters have fully-realized personalities that are in no way based solely on their physical sex, gender identity or romantic orientation.

• I will not fall back on stereotypes, or diminish any of my characters by reducing them to one or two easily exaggerated traits. If I'm taking the time to make a game of any depth, I'll work to make sure the characters reflect that depth.

• I will give players agency. That means no quick-time events, as little pigeon-holing as possible within the story structure, and an emphasis on player choice.

• Most importantly, I pledge to listen and learn. I'm not going to do everything right all the time, which is okay. I'll improve by making mistakes and listening to criticism, so that's just what I intend to do.

Questions, comments, criticisms? Head on over to Contact and reach out!


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