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MAY - 9 - 2016

Speller Casters Update : SPELLS!

I've been hard at work now on Speller Casters, and I thought it was finally time to introduce some of the mechanics of the game.

So, what is Speller Casters? It's a game of action, adventure, magic and typing! Yes, that's right, Speller Casters is in part a typing tutor, although it does not play like one.

You take on the role of a Speller Caster: a specific type of magic user that weaves their incantations with keystrokes instead of gestures and chanting. Using all of the combat spells collected within the pages of the Codex Magica, it's up to you to humiliate your opponent while saving as much face as possible.

Two Speller Casters face off in a wizard's duel

You see, a traditional wizard's duel does not focus on the combatants injuring one another. Any magic user seeking to harm another through spell casting is expressly forbidden by the Speller Caster Code. Instead, the opponents of a wizard's duel seek to shame each other through superficial injuries to their opponent's pride, and various magical pranks.

The first wizard to lose all their pride must flee the scene of the contest, leaving the victor to revel in their achievement. Winning takes speed and accuracy in typing, as well as tight control over the magical resources at your disposal.

Spells are composed of a combination of the six elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Entropy and Order. Each Speller Caster has a finite amount of each elemental mana from which to draw, so watching your levels is crucial to successful spell casting.

Swing by the Mana Bar

Spells can vary wildly in type and effect. Here's a list of a few that are working in-game right now!

Bronze Atlas

Summons a large bronze globe in front of the caster that can be used for multiple purposes. It can be rolled to get in your opponent's way, or used as a shield against attacks.

The Bronze Atlas is permanent once it's summoned, however it does have limited hitpoints, so other spells that cause damage can eventually remove it from the field of play if it takes enough of a beating.

Campfire Stories

Summons a large fire in front of the caster. Any caster who finds themselves inside the fire pit will incur a negative fire effect to their pride.

Campfire Stories is a temporary spell, only lasting 30 seconds before it vanishes from the field of play.

Campfire Stories cannot be moved once it is cast, however it can become mobile accidentally depending on environmental circumstances when it is first summoned.

Gift of Replenishment

A very expensive spell that summons a small vial of elixir to a random location above the field of play.

Any caster that successfully grabs the bottle will immediately regain any and all pride they may have lost during the bout.

The bottle is initially summoned far above the arena, so it might land on other obstacles or landmarks, making this spell especially random.

Majesty of Mercury

Summons a magical, winged boot in front of the caster.

When this boot is grabbed, the subsequent buff affords the lucky caster twice their original jump height. this is especially useful, since Speller Casters are not generally the best jumpers.

The spell is temporary in every sense. If it is not picked up within a few seconds of its initial casting, it will vanish. Once the buff has been grabbed, the effect itself only lasts 20 seconds.

Personal Monsoon

Summons a small cloud in front of the caster that slowly floats across the play field, raining large droplets of water as it goes.

If a caster gets caught beneath the cloud without adequate protection, they will incur a negative water effect on their pride.

Personal Monsoon is a temporary spell and dissolves from the field of play after 30 seconds.

Shackles of Tenacity

Summons a ball and chain in front of the caster. Any caster uncortunate enough to touch the ball and chain incurs a negative buff which cuts their jump height in half.

Shackles of Tenacity is temporary in every sense. If the initial spell goes untouched it will vanish after a few seconds, and its negative buff wears off after only 10 seconds.

It is notable that 10 seconds can feel very long.

Underneath my Parasol

Summons a parasol in front of the caster. Any caster who grabs the parasol will benefit from protection from most negative effects falling from above.

The parasol is effective against raining effects, such as Personal Monsoon, but the spell has limited hitpoints and will therefore disappear after it has incurred enough damage.

It is notable that the parasol itself must actually make contact with negative spell effects to hinder any damage they might cause.

With all Possible Haste

Summons a magical sandal in front of the caster. Any caster lucky enough to grab the sandal will enjoy a temporary buff to their movement speed, effectively doubling it.

This spell is temporary in all regards. If the sandal is not picked up soon it will vanish from the play field after a few seconds. The positive buff effect to the caster's speed only lasts 30 seconds.

Switch Swap

An instantaneous effect spell that places the caster where their opponent is, and removes their opponent to where they themselves used to be.

It is notable that this spell does not actually teleport the effected casters. Instead, it moves them to their new location very, very quickly.

This quirk of the spell can have interesting effects on object in the paths of the two casters effected by it.

To the Heavens

An immediate effect spell that instantly shoots a caster's opponent straight into the air with great force.

There is no dispel or defense against this spell. It takes effect instantaneously.

Come ye Hither

An immediate effect spell that instantly drags a caster's opponent towards them with great force.

There is no dispel or defense against this spell. It takes effect instantaneously.

Gust of Shoving

An immediate effect spell that instantly pushes a caster's opponent away from them with great force.

There is no dispel or defense against this spell. It takes effect instantaneously.

This is just a small smattering of the spells that are planned for the game, but it shows some of the basic mechanics to expect!



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