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FEBRUARY - 13 - 2016

In the midst of play-testing B.O.S.S. I was inspired by the annual celebration of Pączki Day, here in Milwaukee and all over the world.

Traditionally, Pączki are made and sold to celebrate Fat Thursday (tłusty czwartek) in Poland and Fat Tuesday here in the states.

The humble pączek is a delicious, fried pastry filled with various jams and confitures and then glazed or sugar-powdered. Traditional fillings include rose jam, bavarian cream, strawberry jam, raspberry jam and my favorite, plum or prune jam.

To commemorate this glorious day, I wanted to make a quick game for my phone, so I went ahead and made Pączki Day!

You play as Ogonek, the Polish eagle, and it's your job to eat as many scrumptious pączki as you can without getting clonked on the head by any falling debris.

It's free, like all Polakię games, so if you have an Android device, head on over to the Google Play Store and grab it! Try to beat my high score of 41 (as of 12:22pm 2/13/16)


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