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JANUARY - 2 - 2015

Happy new year everyone! This post has nothing to do with the new year in any way, shape or form, but Polakię Games is pleased to announce the release of a little application we recently finished up: The Desktop Bayan!

desktop bayan

"So, what is this thing?" I hear you ask. It's a great question. I got the idea in the tub the other day - actually, it was about three days ago exactly, come to think of it. That's really a testament to the speed with which you can realize a project from concept to deployment with Unity3D.

Anyway, back to the app. I play the melodeon, which is a diatonic button accordion. I'm not very good at it but it's a hobby I quite enjoy. The treble layout of a standard melodeon doesn't make a great deal of sense, mathematically. Don't get me wrong, the layout is very good at what it's meant for. You can play reels, shanties and some kinds of polka with ease on a melodeon. To be fair, some of the most powerful instruments for playing tangos and some forms of classical music are melodeons, such as the bandoneón.

However, there's an instrument that has been crafted and perfected over the years to play complicated pieces of music and it has fascinated me for some time. It's in the family of chromatic button accordions and it's called the bayan (бая́н.) Any number of improvements were made over the years by Russian designers and manufacturers to make the bayan the true champion of chromatic accordions. Mind you, it's not perfect for everyone and it's not perfect for every application (sometimes you still need a Steirische Harmonika) but it's pretty sweet in general.

So, flash back to three days ago when I'm soaking in the tub. Even the most entry-grade bayan sells for almost $300, not including shipping from Ukraine, or Moldova or any of the other countries where they're commonly sold. So I thought to myself, "I bet I could make my computer keyboard into the treble side of a small bayan. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would at least help me get used to the key layout." Thanks to the power of Unity3D, three days later I am happy to share my silly little project with you!

So, if you're curious, you can play it right in your web browser (not mobile, sorry) or you can download a standalone application for use on your desktop at home (or the office even!)

Standalone Windows Download

Standalone Mac Download

Standalone Linux Download

Enjoy y'all, and happy new year!


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